Sunday, February 1, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Convoy

The St. Patrick's Day Convoy is a blog/site train for digital scrapbookers.

Each designer makes a scrapbooking kit. Must be free of course. Each designer makes as many or few papers/elements as they feel like. This Convoy is going to be a totally stress free convoy (train). We provide you with the colors and a dead line. No requirements of mega kits, file naming restrictions, etc. Do it your way!

The kits must be full size (no tagger size kits please). Papers should be 3600x3600 pixels at 300DPI. Elements should be 300DPI. The rest is entirely up to you. Just have fun!

The Convoy takes off on March 17th. 2009. If you are interested please join our St. Patrick's Day Convoy Yahoo Group

Each designer is responsible of posting their free kit on their blog/site on March 17th and of course the list of other participating designers. (you will be provided the list prior to March 17th)

These are the colors that we ALL must use for our St. Patrick's Day Convoy kit.

Please click on the image to open original size color palette. Then right click to save it to your own computer.

The glitter tiles will be provided after you join the Yahoo Group.

The deadline is March 9th, 2009.

We will do our best to advertise the St. Patrick's Day Convoy, but you should advertise it as well. Post about it on your blog in the weeks prior to the take off, and of course when the convoy takes off you should send emails to group where you normally would advertise your freebies and PTU items. You can also post at forums and such where advertising is allowed.

I hope a lot of you will join the St. Patrick's Day Convoy and I look forward to meeting you in the Yahoo Group